Unlock the secret of your intuition

use felt knowledge sensibly

  • Intuition is felt knowledge that cannot be justified. So you cannot express the reason why. Therefore, it is pointless to ask somene for reasons for an intuitive decision.
  • Large parts of our brain work unconsciously, including the cerebral cortex. What is stored there is the basis of intuition. Harnessing this unconscious intelligence is an essential key making good decisions in an uncertain, complex world (GIGERENZER, 2007). Without intuition we could accomplish little.
  • We use the term "intuition" or "gut feeling" to describe impulses 
  • that quickly emerge in our consciousness 
  • for deeper reasons we are not aware of
  • that combine emotions, compassion and experience 
  • that filter very different information in seconds 
  • depict connections that help us to simplify complexity 
  • create spaces of possibility 
  • that are strong enough to act on.

Three mistakes


  • Gut decisions are second rate, optimization is always better.
  • Complex problems always require complex solutions.
  • More information, more calculations and more time is always better.



 Three research findings


  1. Managers have a toolbox of different decision-making rules that come from personal experience.
  2. These decision rules are mostly intuitive.
  3. The art of leadership is to sense which decision rule should be applied in which situation.

The power of intuition

It's hard to find leaders who direct and support in an engaging manner. The market is growing and the demands on professionals to show communicative and social skills are high. 

My intuition coaching offers you to design a desired future. You learn to understand your feelings, make coherent decisions with the support of scientifically based knowledge.

To be inuitive can help us to more and more accept ourselves, just as we are, beautiful creative natures.

  • EQ - Develop emotional intelligence and explore your needs and feelings
  • RQ - get in touch with others and build bridges, being aware of yourself 
  • IQ - reduce rationality to a wise dose
  • Inspire and use your intuitive intelligence in work and life