Explore your wild Nature

Self-paced, meaningful and devoted to the people

A new consciousness for creators of tomorrow

A new consciousness, what does it mean? Living differently, more sustainably, and with more meaning: this is something that more people want.  An integral view and a new understanding of wholeness are requisites for bringing about this shift. 


Let your inner truth shine. Turn your pain into power.

Embrace your wild nature and live freely.

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The Coaching

Unfold your true nature

Our journey begins with the heart. Dive into your inner wisdom and discover your key to life, your own truth, your natural self. Experience Conscious Coaching.

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The Bridge

Experience true co-Creation

Dive into the flow of The Bridge. This light-footed but intensive setting brings convinced wild natures together in true co-creation. 

Sense your unique contribution to the world..

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The Words

Create your true magic

Inspire with empathy! Evolve your own way to express yourself beyond buzzwords. The Words helps you crafting your own language consciously.

Co-creation with


Others about me

Rike accompanied me during a transformational process in the organisation, where together with her help we developed a newly established position at GOTS - combining the needs of the organisation as well as identifying and looking into my personal values and needs to make a fit. Additionally, being employed at a Non-Profit Organisation, I highly benefitted from her vast experience with profit-oriented companies.

Lina Pfeiffer

Organic Production Specialist


It was definitely the most fun and productive coaching session I have ever had! Rike Bucher managed to perfectly moderate the 2 hour session, got everyone to the fullest involved and supert excited!

We finished the session with a very good mindset on our next steps at LinksUp! Thank you, Rike! You rock! 

Arjeta Culaj

Chief Revenue Officer @LinksUp

Rike's method employs classic empathetic  leadership principles mixed with her own modern formulas. An ideal blend for progressive leaders in transitioning companies and industries.

Luke Walker

Product Marketing Manager
Next Matter GmbH

Rike is a true people and leadership genius.

Eliza Hirvensalo

Co-Founder at Dogo App

I can recommend Rike's 'Zukunftsmut In Words' card set to everyone who is open-minded, courageous and open-hearted and who wants to inspire others. It lies next to my bed and accompanies me every day. It gives me the courage to stand by myself and to walk my path with all my heart.

Dr. Jo Aschenbrenner

Mentorin LAW WORKS

Autorin von For Purpose. Ein neues Betriebssystem für Unternehmen