How to accept yourself. The emotional basis for intuitive work.

To be inuitive can help us to more and more accept ourselves, just as we are, beutiful creative natures.


Scott Barry Kaufman is one of my favorits when it comes to understanding psychological well-being. In his book TRANSCEND. The new science of self-actualization, he describes what Maslow meant by self-transcendence. You may be familiar with Maslow's  'hierarchie of needs'.  and you may say - like many modern thinkers - that self-actualization is an individualistic or even selfish level on top of this pyramide. But Kaufman reviewed thounsands of Maslow's published and unpublished writings and found out, rather the opposite is the case. In his late years Maslow considered self-realization as a bridge to transendence. If you are curious on how you score in self-actualization characteristics, you can go to selfactualizationtests.com or read about it here.


  1. Continued Freshness of Appreciation (Sample item: “I can appreciate again and again, freshly and naively, the basic goods of life, with awe, pleasure, wonder, and even ecstasy, however stale these experiences may have become to others.”)
  2. Acceptance (Sample item: “I accept all of my quirks and desires without shame or apology.”)
  3. Authenticity (Sample item: “I can maintain my dignity and integrity even in environments and situations that are undignified.”)
  4. Equanimity (Sample item: “I tend to take life’s inevitable ups and downs with grace, acceptance, and equanimity.”)
  5. Purpose (“I feel a great responsibility and duty to accomplish a particular mission in life.”)
  6. Efficient Perception of Reality (“I am always trying to get at the real truth about people and nature.”)
  7. Humanitarianism (“I have a genuine desire to help the human race.”)
  8. Peak Experiences (“I often have experiences in which I feel new horizons and possibilities opening up for myself and others.”)
  9. Good Moral Intuition (“I can tell ‘deep down’ right away when I’ve done something wrong.”)
  10. Creative Spirit (“I have a generally creative spirit that touches everything I do.”)



The characteristics of self-actualization can be grouped in four categories, which are: exploration, love, purpose, and transcendence. These a the pillars of my Conscious Coaching. Start to explore yourself! The world is wainting for you!

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